UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Philippines

How does one celebrate life? I say..... LET'S CELEBRATE LIFE BY GOING TO THESE PLACES!!

I used to hear from older folks that you only get to appreciate a country or a certain place you see on tv once you’ve been to that place. Really, the pictures can tell you a thousand words.  But what more if you experience the real thing?! 🙂

And i think they’re right. Some of the places in this video, i’ve already visited, and I have that ops!-i’ve-been-there-already feeling!  Yabang lang! It’s quite unbelievable that there are sooooo maaaannny places to visit in the Philippines. Some of them are already popular, while some are yet to be fully discovered.

And because of this comment in this post, hah! I’m super duper truly-luly mega excited! Haha! 🙂


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