Strangers’ kindness


It was eight days ago when i received this email from Nuffnang PH.

Labor of LovePrint screen from my gmail. Apologies for the blurred text.

So without thinking twice, i clicked the link and it directed me on this page. Then i saw the cutest, sweetest thing a dad and a son could give for their special girl. 🙂 Then, i left my birthday greeting for Ms. Aileen on the comment box.

My Greeting for Ms. Aileen

Then, i was surprised to receive an email from Ms. Aileen thanking each of the 723 individuals who greeted her! 🙂

Ms. Aileen's personal reply

I really can’t describe the feeling after i read her email. It was just a simple gesture from my end and it didn’t really took a lot of time and effort for me to send her a birthday greeting. And i didn’t expect her to reply. 🙂

So i read her thank you post and it felt really good that a lot of people – 723 (and counting!) – around the globe were kind enough to make her birthday special. And i love what she said about the entire idea of her husband and son:

It’s humbling, that so many strangers, particularly with the anonymity of the internet, would say a few kind words and in many cases pass on God’s love. That’s the incredible message Rockstar will grow up to read one day – that people can be nice, Just Because.

Yes, people are, and can be, nice, just because. I have experienced in my life a lot of instances when people i don’t even know would show me an act of kindness (and in some cases, they don’t even know it) – opening the door for me, allowing me to go ahead in line, giving me a smile on a bad day, receiving a feel-good text just when you needed it, and the list goes on. These simple gestures are testaments that people are kind without having any reason to be one. Because they are just naturally kind. The 723 people who greeted Ms. Aileen didn’t just greet her, most of them even sent her their well wishes.

Kindness goes a long way. Let’s pass it on. 🙂

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.  ~Seneca


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