NOW CHEWING 07: Laksa @ Hollywood China Bistro, SG


Laksa @ Universal Studios Singapore

Where: Hollywood China Bistro

Universal Studios, Singapore

When:   01 August 2011

My first ever out-of-the-country trip!

Courtesy of my sister’s generosity, we flew to Singapore for five days, and definitely one of the must-see places is d UNIVERSAL STUDIOOOOS. 🙂 It was surreal just seeing the walkway of the park. Grabe i feel like a five-year old kid in a happy, very happy place!

Anyway, i’ll reserve my SG experience for another blog post. 🙂

Going back to the photo, we were starving after checking out the stalls in Resorts World Sentosa so were aiming for a very quick lunch to maximize our time.

We had our lunch at Hollywood China Bistro.  And since we want to taste what Singapore has to offer, we tried their native Laksa. And boy was it good! Hotness, spicyness and yumminess at its finest! And the noodles – very soft and they just slide directly on your throat. The soup also has shrimps that were so chewy! 🙂

Everything was happening so fast because we can only enjoy the noodle soup while its hot.  Good thing our tastebuds were tough and they were able to withstand the laksa’s challenge!

I remember the couple on the other table staring at me and my ate while we were eating our laksa. Siguro naisip nila, mga patay gutom. Haha!

Hollwood China Bistro

Universal Studios Singapore Dining 







Now Chewing

Photos of anything fit for human consumption. 

All featured photos filed under this category went straight to my digestive tract.  🙂


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