5 Reasons why you should visit Puerto Princesa, Palawan


Palawan is one of the best spots to see in the Philippines. From the underground river to the beaches, it is a must-see not just for foreigners, but mostly for Filipinos.  (This is an account of a first time visitor given a very limited time at PP.)


1. Experience a trip at Subterranean River National Park, the longest navigable underground river in the world.


2. Take a tour at the Mangrove Forest, where you can find the tallest mangrove trees and other different species.


3. Taste what PP has to offer – hopia, crocodile and tamilok. Kinabuchs and Ka Lui are some of the places to find good eats.


4. Enjoy the weather. We were there while Manila and Pampanga were suffering the wrath of typhoon Falcon.


5. Be amazed on how clean and green Puerto Princesa is! Grabe ang linis!


The PP Underground River is one of the finalists in the

New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Let us vote for Puerto Princesa Underground River to be one of them.

To vote, visit



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  1. I certainly agree! The underground river is surreal. No doubt its a candidate in the 7 wonders of the world. PP is too clean na mahihiya ka magtapon kahit balat ng candy! sana lahat ng city maging ganyan dn. Lastly, I love tamilok and the homey feeling of Kalui. the best! try also Ka Inato’s spicy chicken when you go back to PP. 🙂

    • Tomooo! It’s pleasantly surprising that you can find those architectures inside the cave. And you will admire how people really appreciate and take good care of their environment.

      Sige, next time i will try Ka Inato’s. Thanks for leaving your footprint Teng! 🙂

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