NOW CHEWING 05: Cheese and Red Bell Pepper Omellete

YUMMY Breakfast - cheese and bell pepper omelette
A perfect way to start the day. 🙂 CHEESE and RED BELL PEPPERS omelette

Where: Hernandez residence

When:   n/a

One of the many sweet breakfastssssss.

Cheese and bell pepper overload

need i say more?!

Reggie’s fond of making me breakfast whenever i have something big for the day.

But i cannot exactly recall why he made this Omelette du Fromage! Sorry. 🙂

The eggs were bursting in flavor as the melted cheese blended perfectly with the zing of the chopped peppers.

Reggie did quite a perfect job here.  Pwede na! 🙂

I miss this omelette. and the cheese. and the bell peppers. 😦






Now Chewing

Photos of anything fit for human consumption. 

All featured photos filed under this category went straight to my digestive tract.  🙂


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  1. Looks good. An omelet sounds great for breakfast this morning. All I had was a smoothie but perhaps for a brunch I could have that. Mushrooms and onions and of course cheese.

    How have you been Camille? Haven’t been in contact with you for a while. I hope all is well and hope to see you at my site some time soon.

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