Be proud to be PINOY. Display your flags on 28 May 2011.


In light of the forthcoming celebration of the 113th Philippine Independence Day on June 12, 2011, and in compliance with Executive Order No. 179 which requires the prominent display of the National Flag in all buildings, establishments, and homes from May 28 to June 12,2011, we are all enjoined to prominently display the Philippine Flag on the said venues. 

National Flag Day - May 28 2011

Pilipinas kong Mahal 🙂

You, who’s reading my blog right now, is requested to encourage other Filipinos to do the same.

Show some love for our country.

Spread the word and be proud to be Pinoy! 🙂

photo from wikipedia


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  1. My family never displayed the Philippine Flag at our residence! Maybe this time, I could urge my mom to buy and display one on our gate. I rarely see household (at least on our village) displaying The Flag during the Independence Week(s) celebration. Thanks for this heads up! 🙂

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