A sad farewell


This may sound overreacting. Really. But it’s a very sad loss.

Today, I mourn for yourdemise.

I was really hoping very hard that you will survive.

It’s so sad that I wasn’t able to take a photo of you, or us, together.

Maybe because you were the one always taking pictures.

You took pretty good shots. You always captured the smiles of people. You documented my life after graduation.

You are my 2nd best companion on road trips and food trips. I barely ask for a present, yet you were a special request. You were my trophy, my award, my prize, for the four years that I spent in college.

That’s why you mean so much to me. And I know people would never understand why I’m grieving for your loss, even those people who are very close to me would never understand.

I rarely get attached to material things. Rarely.

The last time I remember crying for material things was 13 years ago.

But today is different.

I will miss you.

Byebye Sony Cybershot DSC-W310.

Byebye. 😦


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  1. Don’t worry love..things will be alright soon..today we mourn..tomorrow, we’ll get you a new one..:)

    • I can’t put into words my happiness after i got the surprise from my parents – a Canon EOS 550D. I’m not really a fan of cameras so i don’t get the whole initials + numbers thing on camera models. I’m just so happy that i’ll be able to take photos again. :))

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