EXPERIENCE SUMMER IN HIGH GEAR: Club Manila East and Philippine Surfing Academy Surfing Cup 2011


Want to get thoroughly stoked this summer?

We’re inviting bloggers to experience summer in high gear as Club Manila East and the Philippine Surfing Academy hold its 2nd annual surfing competition for beginners entitled the CME SURFING CUP 2011.  

Club Manila East 2011
Experience summer in high gear!

This year, we will have 3 divisions for the competition, KIDS’, LADIES’ and MEN’S as they battle it out to be the finest surfer in this side of the planet.

Happening on April 17, 2011, Sunday, 1pm at the OceanWaves of Club Manila East!

Bloggers get a free entrance and snacks, we’re giving away some goodies, they could also bring a friend or two for free!

Club Manila East is at Km. 24 Manila East Road, Taytay, Rizal. 

For more info, visit their website or check their facebook page .

Club Manila East 2011
Choose your adventure this summer. DIVE. SURF. FLY!


For those who are interested, email ac.binuya@yahoo.com.


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  1. woooo—-you didn”t say that you blog din pala Camille. nice. ganu na katagal>? addictive and therapeutic sya no? Alam mo , we moved to Binangonan Rizal 2 years ago and never pako nakapunta CME til this competition. nice pala talaga yung place. will definitely be back for more of the wave pools.hahaha

    and CME SURFING CUP 2011, rocks!!!yihhh!!!!

    • Hehe. I placed a link of my blog when i sent you an invite for the event. 🙂
      I’ve been blogging since friendster days (sooo highschool. haha)
      Yep therapeutic talaga. Haha!

      Yey! Thanks thanks. I’ll keep you posted with our events. Sa CME, di ka naman magkaka-AIDS (Acute Income Deficiency Syndrome – from pusangkalye.) 🙂

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