A treat we truly deserve: French-Italian Weekend Dining @ The Village Chef, Angeles City, Pampanga


It was payday and after all the stressful moments that happened during the first half of January, we had to reward ourselves. It was a splurge night for us and we all deserved it.

Last January 14, 2011, Kuya Gino, Ate April, Ate Mitch and I agreed to have dinner somewhere where none of us have tried before. So Kuya Gino suggested The Village Chef because of the good reviews about it.  So after office, we headed straight to the restaurant.


From the outside

The Village Chef is ranch-style with a garden and windows looking out into the moonlit garden.

The Village Chef - The Village Chef The French-Italian Weekend Dining.

Please come in. 🙂

The Village Chef - The French-Italian Weekend Dining - Angeles City, Pampanga

What’s inside

It has an old, homey, rustic theme. The resto is good for 20-30 people. Everything was wooden and the warm lighting is dim enough for intimate dinners. It was full house that night.

Inside The Village Chef

Inside The Village Chef

Inside The Village Chef

Full house

The Food

JUST PLEASANTLY RIGHT. The food is neither overwhelming nor bland. We ordered the following:

For starters, we had Italian bread and the Fresh Green Salad. The bread was really fresh from the oven (I assume!), and oh boy it smelled soooo good! The green salad is a MUST TRY! I super enjoyed the freshness of the veggies, the dressing had the perfect zing and the cheese balanced all the flavors. Salad FTW!

Italian bread at The Village Chef.

freshly baked Italian bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil for dipping

Fresh Green Salad @ The Village Chef

Fresh Green Salad

Then we had Quatro Formaggi Con Arugula pizza – four cheese pizza. (i forgot the 4 cheeses that they used) This one i really enjoyed. IT IS A MUST TRY at THE VILLAGE CHEF.  The pizza is thin crust, yet soft in the mouth. It has the right amount of saltiness and the sauce is just perfect. Like what i’ve said, not too overwhelming. Cheesy much.

Quatro Formaggi Con Arugula pizza @ The Village Chef

Quatro Formaggi Con Arugula

Then we had pasta. We had Lasagna Al Forno and Cannelloni. I’ll just post a single photo for both dishes since they just look the same.

Lasagna Al Forno @ The Village Chef

Lasagna Al Forno / Cannelloni

For the main course, we had the house specialty which is Pan Seared Australian Prime Steak, and Salmon with lemon butter dish (i can’t remember the exact name. sorry.  )

Pan Seared Australian Prime Steak @ The Village Chef

Pan Seared Australian Prime Steak

Salmon with lemon butter @ The Village Chef

Salmon with lemon butter

For dessert, we ordered Mango Panna Cotta and Chocolate Souffle. The panna cotta, i didn’t enjoy so much since i’m not a milk fan. But the Souffle, it was satisfying enough to cap off the dinner.

Mango Panna Cotta @ The Village Chef

Mango Panna Cotta

Chocolate Souffle @ The Village Chef

Chocolate Souffle

The Take Out

Just a few more things.

  1. We had an alternate serving of good and not-so good dishes. The pasta didn’t really meet our expectations. It would’ve been better if the lasagna and cannelloni had distinguishable flavors.
  2. It was full house that night and there were only two waiters. It took them almost 30-45 minutes to serve our dessert and my take out dinner. Yes it would be understandable that the service that night was slow because they didn’t expect that a lot of people would be there that night, but it could have been avoided.
  3. Pricing is reasonable. No doubt about that.

 Overall, the experience was great. We had a full course meal and we got to try their house specialties. We enjoyed most of the food that we ordered and we successfully detoxified ourselves. We even got the chance to have our photo taken with The Village Chef herself, Chef Arceli Timbol of Center for Culinary Arts, Manila.

With the Village Chef, Chef Arceli Timbol :)

With the Village Chef, Chef Arceli Timbol 🙂

**The Village Chef is located at 406 Broadway Street, Marisol Subdivision, Angeles City, Pampanga. It is open only on weekends (Friday to Sunday) from 6pm to 11pm. You can contact them at 0917-5106070 for weekday / advance reservations. You can also find them on facebook.


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  1. Great review. Everything looks great even the salad. It’s breakfast time here in Indiana but I could go for both the pizza, salmon and the steak! Great photos but they made me hungry.

  2. The Pan Seared Australian Prime Steak looks good! Sana tender! 😀

    Matagal-tagal na rin akong hindi nakakadayo ng Pampanga–considering na many of my mom’s relatives ay nandoon. 🙂

    • Hi Alps!

      The steak doesn’t just look good. It tastes good too!
      It is tender-y soft. Hehe. Especially near the fatty part. No need to chew that much. 🙂

      You’re missing a lot of good food. Try mo dumayo, when you’re not too busy with the corporate world. 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by Alps! 🙂

  3. Hi Camille! Thank you so much for the blog and the comments, You truly inspire us more to improve and create great food. Hope you’ll see us again soon! 🙂

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