This is how we spent Christmas 2010 – part 1 of 3 :)


These are late posts. I just edited the date of publishing. 🙂

I have a very close family, not just my nuclear family; but up to my cousins – who are like my siblings, aunts and uncles – who are close to being my parents, and my grandmother who is like my mother, sister, partner in crime, confidante all in one package. 🙂

We love celebrations so much it shows on our food. This is part 1 of 3 of our holiday celebration. 🙂

Binuya Family after the mass

Binuya Family after the mass 🙂

Lola with the girls :)

(L-R) Lola, Bianca, Alei, Yang, Kamil

Lola, Uncle Among, with the kids

Lola, Uncle Among, with the kids

We attended the mass celebrated by my Uncle Among. It has been an unbroken family practice for years to hear the mass at Christmas Eve. After which we went straight to Lola’s house to have our Christmas dinner, (mini) games and gift giving. 🙂

Turkey for Christmas

First time to celebrate with turkey 🙂


Christmas Table
Christmas Table. :))

Christmas is a time of thanksgiving. And it was really like Thanksgiving because we had turkey for our Christmas dinner. We also had the most requested Excelente ham from Quiapo. Too bad I wasn’t able to get a lot of photos of our food because i was busy in the kitchen.


the boys

The boys wearing my gift to them 🙂

I got my brothers and my cousins eye covers with fancy prints. Look at their Christmas faces! 🙂

A really happy Christmas!


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