Finally, we meet.. :) (My Firsts: Pan De Amerikana experience)


When we were in front of the resto to park, I was like a child filled with excitement. I am not a fan of Santa. Unless he’s upside down.
We went there around 1pm. The place was crowded. Many people are having lunch. There were only a few seats available. Since Reggie was not feeling well, I just let him stay in our table while i ordered us food.

The Place

Pan De Amerikana
The upside down rover and Santa @ Pan de AmerikanaWhich is which? :) Inside Pan De Amerikana
It was full house when we came. A lot of families were having their lunch, some are having merienda. Personally, i like the area of Pan De Amerikana. It was neither small nor big. It feels a bit weird to see a ceiling with a table set and a piano. Nonetheless, it was a happy-weird feeling. Haha. Other people’s concern might be “what if the table, chairs and piano fell?”. Well, so what?! Haha.
Honestly, the interior design of the place was not really “cohesive”. They have inverted furnitures, capiz lanterns, chess themed tables, clay pots, indoor plants, industrial fans and other accessories. Surprisingly, the resto was able to pull everything together. Here are some of the photos of what’s inside.
Look! Up there! Oh no, down there. Wait! :)a creative way to have a hand wash area :)
Lolo and Lola outside the restrooms :)
The Lolo and Lola outside the restrooms :)
Food please?! :) Chess themed table and number. :)
Inside the ladies' room. Different sorts of saucers. :)

The Food

Pan de Amerikana’s the place if you’re looking for the most affordable prices to satisfy your taste. The food ranges from 40PhP – 70PhP per order. We tried a few dishes which were new to us (Tinumok and Waknatoy). Let the photos speak for me. 🙂 (other photos are to follow)
The Gigantic Utensils ;)
Caesar Salad. :)Sinigang na Bangus :)Tinumok - ground pork wrapped in yam leaves with coconut milkSaba con hielo for dessert. :)
The food is not superbly-extravagant-ala-fine-dining. Simple food that blends well with the place. I will soon post photos of Waknatoy (menudo with pickles) and better quality photos. 🙂

The Take Out

Let me just say a few bad things.
First, the system of ordering. I’m sorry i wasn’t able to take a photo of this. But people order in the same space where people enter the resto bakery. And the menu is only available in that same spot. In effect:
1) it takes time to order your food as you have to examine the menu posted on the wall;
2) you get so hungry because a large family is gathered in the entrance, discussing which food to order; and
3) You have to fall in line again in case you want additional food.
Good thing there were fewer people when i had to order dessert. I hope that in a few months, they find a way to improve this system. 🙂
Second, Pan De Amerikana is under manned. I was lucky to have our dessert be available for us. The girl in the counter was already apologizing to all the customers in line as they could no longer accommodate the orders. A family just had to take out pan de sal and ensaymada since the resto bakery won’t be able to produce their order. Maybe in the coming days, they hire extra staff to bring better service to their customers especially now that they’re becoming widely popular. 😉
Overall, the place was just fantastic. I think i already said enough words to describe Pan de Amerikana in Katipunan.
Next stop, Pan de Amerikana in Marikina! 🙂
Novelty at its finest. 🙂



To those people who might want to use the photos, please feel free to use them as long as you let me know. 🙂


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