The Simplest and Littlest Things..


that I’m most thankful for. 🙂 ♥♥♥ (naku, tatlong hearts! sure ball mushy post!)

  • giving me backrubs
  • bear hugs
  • heating the spaghetti and putting cheese for me
  • trying your best to give me a ponytail
  • super soothing foot massage
  • everyday good morning texts
  • sweetest kiss on the cheeks
  • making coffee and cheese with bell pepper omelette for breakfast
  • buying me sanitary pads at 7/11
  • mocking me with my ear.. which is not very funny. harhar. duh 😛

A few of the things that I can’t leave without. 🙂

Thanks, Reggie. ♥


May kinilig. 😛


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  1. It’s great when a man has no problem buying pads or tampons for his best girl! The looks you get, but it doesn’t matter. You’re a good man Reggie!

    I had to do that for many different women, but never for my mother.

    The backrubs are great too. Nice list and since Thanksgiving is coming up it makes it better. I think Canada and the United States are the only countries that celebrate Thanksgiving. Do you know of any others?

    • I know. A grand gesture. And he really doesn’t mind. Haha. I’d have to agree that he’s a good man. 🙂

      Is it too late to do it for your mother?

      I think only Canada and the US celebrate Thanksgiving. But here in the Philippines, everyday is Thanksgiving. 🙂

      • Yes it’s too late to do it for mom but I didn’t do it for her because she seemed to never run out! After I left that comment yesterday I did some research and there are many countries that celebrate a holiday like Thanksgiving and I am posting it tomorrow – I think!

        It’s nice getting to know you.

      • Haha! Moms really never run out of it. Because their daughters also rely on them. 🙂

        Oh really? I’ll check on your blog to see your research. 🙂

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