Double firsts: Greenhills and Flapjacks


Today is double-firsts day.

It’s been several weeks when we saw the signs. Then one day, it just happened. We expected it to come. It was time for Reggie*’s phone to retire.

First time: Greenhills

So we agreed to go to Greenhills to buy a new phone. Since both of us didn’t have breakfast, we decided to have brunch before we hit the stalls. And this is where we ended up. 🙂

Flapjacks! 🙂 Famous Breakfast, Super Lunches, Great Dinners

First time: Flapjacks

It was our first time to try Flapjacks. And since we were both craving for pancakes/waffles, we ordered from their Original Three Classic American Treats. He ordered Fancy Trio Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes. Mine was Kiddie Pancakes. 🙂

Reggie’s Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes. Yuuum! 🙂

With maple syrup. 🙂 Really light and fluffy!
Three happy mini pancakes = Happy me! 🙂
Chocolate chips, marshmallows, sprinkles and peaches! Death by sugar 🙂

We were so full we weren’t able to finish the last few bites of our pancakes. Their pancakes are really good and they kept us stuffed the whole afternoon. 🙂

After that diabetic brunch, we headed off to the stalls. After almost two hours of stall hopping and haggling, we found what we were looking for. 🙂


*Reggie is THE man. 🙂 Yes, my man 🙂


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