Featuring: The Index Finger and the Hand


When i accepted the job offer from TNO, there was just one major concern that i asked the boss: how do they have lunch in the office. He said that the people bring their lunch.

Lunch is always something to look forward to in our office. Today’s lunch was just like any other lunch that we previously had. There were a lot of food, chatting, and extreme laughing. Haha. For the past few weeks, we’ve been kidding on who’d be the first featured person in my blog. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be a person, but rather, the person’s finger. Haha.

Ate Mitch started everything. She was commenting on Aihra’s fingers. She said that they were like piano keys. Then suddenly, Aihra showed us this:

Aihra’s index finger :))

Yeah i know it’s not something new.  But we just can’t stop laughing because of the group’s reactions. I can’t even take a decent photo of her index finger because I can’t stop laughing. We all can’t. While all of us were laughing, Ate April showed us this:

Ate April’s hand (right) and Buddha’s hand (left). Do they look different? Haha! Take note that that’s her backhand. Haha!

O ‘di ba? Kaya n’yo ba yan?!! We just laughed harder! She then asked me, “Nanu? Tingin mu lupa yang ashtray?!” (“What? You think it looks like an ashtray?!” Then i answered, “Ali, lupa yang cellphone holder!” (“No, it looks like a cellphone holder!”)

Haha! We just can’t stop laughing. Grabe. Talented ang mga officemates ko!

Then it was time to go back to our office. 🙂


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