Karma:The First Work Experience


This would be my first series-of-firsts post. 🙂

It’s exactly a month since i started working. And it has been a learning experience for me. My friends would laugh at me whenever I tell them what i do at work. I was hired as Social Media Marketing Trainee. For those people who know me, they might not believe that i agreed to enter this field. Yes, believe it or not, I did. When I started, I was involved with a lot of facebooking, twittering, and all the other hidden (at least for me) wonders of social media. Just to give you an idea, there were two of us in-charge of social media – one for the marketing and one for technicals. We were handling at least 8 facebook and twitter accounts for our clients of different fields. We also had to think of ways on how to update them real time. Also, we had to research on possible content for the accounts. It was hell lot of work when we were setting everything up. Eventually, when all of them started working, it was heaven – almost. 🙂 So I consider that as Level 1 Karma.

That Level 1 karma, i did expect. Then came the unexpected. Who’d have thought that in just a few weeks, i’d level up? As if managing more than 10 social networking sites is not enough,  i crossed the line. I never, even in my wildest dreams, ever imagined that i will be doing html and things related to that. I was just in shock when i had to open and edit the source of websites and use Joomla. Whew. I will no longer discuss the details. I just had to accept that this is Level 2 Karma.

But of course, these are moments that should be cherished. Naks. I get to discover things that might be important for future use. Early as it may seem, i would like to believe that I work with the wittiest and funniest bunch of people. We are only 8 in the office (including the interns and the boss), we work 5 days a week and spend the nosiest lunch everyday. 🙂

TNO people
Photo taken during Kristin’s despedida party

I’ve been learning a lot from them. Seriously. I now have an in-depth understanding of: 1) SEO (compared to how shallow i understood it before); 2)how useful analytics are and how they are monitored; 3) how tedious website development can get; 4) how rewarding seeing what you did find its place in the web. They are not just good in what they do, they know how to balance everything. When i had my first party with them, I realized that they are people who know how to have clean, good fun. 🙂

And i am happy that i had (and still have) my first work experience with them. 🙂


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