The Last First


This might.. should be the last time that i will resurrect a blog. 🙂 My blog had bitten enough dust in the blogosphere.

After all the blog stalking (though i informed some of my friends that i was reading their blogs 🙂 ), I am so happy to be back in my OWN blog. 🙂

I’ve been having a lot of ideas on what to write but i was too lazy to put them in print. Seriously. So i’m hoping, really hoping, that i get to maintain this blog. It doesn’t really matter if people will read it. All i care about is that i’m back and ready to write again. 🙂



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  1. hey hey hey..with your busy work schedule and 2-hour travel time (more like traffic time) to get home, i hope you find time to write love..There’s so much to write about especially about your life have my full’s a good thing that part of your job now is to write, got your interest back..:)

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